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    ●Higashiyama Course (from Fushimi Inari Station to Hiei Station of Cable Car, 24.6km)
      →From Inari to Keage (Trail Board Number from1 to 31)
      →From Himukai-Daijingu Shrine to Ginkaku-ji michi (Trail Board Number from 32 to 52-1)
      →From Kitashirakawa to Hiei Station of Cable Car (Trail Board Number from 52-2 to 74)
    ●Kitayama East Course (from Hiei Station of Cable Car to Ninose, 17.9 km)
      →From Hiei Station of Cable Car to Ohara/Todera (from Board Number 1 to Number 23)
      →From Ohara/Ide to Ninose (from Board Number 24 to Number 46)
    ●Kitayama West Course (from Ninose to Kiyotaki, 19.3km)
      →From Ninose to Kyomi toge Pass (from Board Number 47 to Number 68)
      →From Kyomi-toge Pass to Kiyotaki (from Board Number 68 to Number 94)
    ●Nishiyama Course (from Kiyotaki to Kokedera-dani, 10.7 km)
      →From Kiyotaki to Arashiyama (from Board Number. 1 to Number. 24)
      →From Arashiyama to Kokedera-dani (from Board Number. 24 to Number. 51)
    ●Keihoku Course 〔Hosono (starting place) to Hosono (finishing place), 35.4km,
      Trail Board Number from K1 to K19, 5.5km〕

      →From Hosono to Jyosho-koji Temple (Trail Board Number from No.1 to No.34)
      →From Sanryo-bashi Bridge to Miya (Trail Board Number from K1 to K19 /
        From Sanryo-bashi Bridge to Shimokumata (Trail Board Number from 34 to Number 68)

      →From Shimokumata to Hosono (Trail Board Number from 68 to 1)/
        Shiroyama (Trail Board Number from 71 to the ruin of Shuzan-jyo Castle, and to Shuzan)

 For Walking on the Trail
 →『京都一周トレイル/Kyoto Trail Guidebook』
    ●"Complete guide for walking on the whole route of the Kyoto Trail"
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    ●These official guide maps are available for purchase at the following shops.Go hiking with the maps!
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    →Eizan Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
    →Keifuku Electric Railroad Co.,Ltd. (Randen, Eizan Cable Car)
    →Keifuku Cable Line (Eizan Cable Car)
    →West Japan Railway Company
    →Kintetsu Corporation
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